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Hidden Host the best anonymous .onion hosting Provider!
You need a reliable Email address! Try if you don't have one (Do not use .onion Mail Addresses)

Update 14/7/2016: New DDOS Attacks over the whole Tor Network, our protection works! Sites running normal and all your Data is 100% secure.


0.1฿ .onion Torhosting

worldwide !!

We'll host your
site on a
"Dual Xeon 3.0 Ghz"
server or better


Storage Space: 20 GB
Traffic (per month): webhosting
Domain Names: Up to 10 Free .onion Domains
Custom Domain Names: You can get your own .onion Names, just send us the private_key
Script Languages: PHP 5, Perl, Python
Control Panel: Cpanel on different Server and reachable from Outside 
MySQL 5 (R) databases: Unlimited databases
PostGresSQL(R) databases: Unlimited databases
FTP accounts: 10 FTP accounts
Hash Generator: Generate your own .onion Domains 
(up to 6 Characters free)
Ip Logging: IP Logging is disabled for FTP/Apache
Server location: Different Places (mostly East-Europe)
Price: 0.1 Bitcoins/1 Year
- Blogs: B2Evolution, WordPress
- Message Boards: YaBB, phpBB
- Chat rooms: phpMyChat
- Content management systems: Geeklog, Mambo, Nucleus, PostNuke, Xoops, phpWiki
- Ecommerce/shopping carts: AgoraCart, OSCommerce
- Guest Books: Advanced Guestbook
- Image gallery: Coppermine
Bandwidth Stats: Bandwidth usage statistics
Error Log: Apache error logfile (off by default)
Raw Access Logs: Raw Apache logfile (off by default)
Backup Manager: Create account backups
Default Address Manager: Enable/disable public directory listings
Disk Usage Viewer: Determines the size of each directory on your account
Email Script: Use SMTP Bridge installed to send Mails from Script
Custom Error Pages: Customize error pages
File Manager: Upload, download, edit or delete files
HTML editor: The file manager also includes an HTML editor (site builder tool)
Frontpage Extensions: You can upload your site directly with FrontPage and use FP extensions
Ftp Account Manager: Create, delete FTP accounts
Password protected directories: Require a username/password for specific parts of your page
Leech Protect: Increase the security of password protected directories
Password Change: Change your password
PGP/GPG: GnuPG Keys (encryption tool)
Shell Access: Shell available with full User Access (run your own Shell Scripts)
PhpMyAdmin: Administrate, view/edit your MySQL databases
PhpPgAdmin: Administrate, view/edit your PostGresSQL databases
Random Html Generator: Randomly add pre-defined code to your web page
Redirect Manager: Redirect visitors from one page to another
Helping Tor: The Bitcoins of every 10th package going directly to our Tor Cloud Service Exit Node.
(Learn more / help Tor)
Possible Content: Everything is allowed
Additional Space Get 50GB more Space for only 0.1 Bitcoins/1 Year
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